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Lynsey Heald

Welfare Officer

At City of Derby Swimming Club we aim to provide a safe and secure environment for young swimmers to enjoy their sport.  Please contact me in confidence if you have any safeguarding or welfare concerns.

You can contact me, Lynsey Heald, at welfare@coderby.co.uk

Welfare Documentation

The ASA provide some excellent advice and guidance on welfare matters.  We urge you to review these important documents as they contain information and rules that all Club members are required to abide by and support.

Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures – This link provides direct access through the ‘Wave Power’ website to the ASA Child safeguarding policy and procedures.

Child Welfare Complaints Procedure – This link provides direct access through the ‘Wave Power’ website to the ASA Child Welfare Complaints procedure.

Photographic Policy – The Photographic policy publishes the rules for recording images of our swimmers under the age of 18 years old.   The policy is necessary to ensure all images are taken in good faith and used appropriately.

Guide to Social Media – The main aim of social networks is to build relationships with ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ through fresh and engaging content.  Used effectively Facebook and Twitter can be springboards to promoting our club and the hard work of our volunteers.  These simple guidelines promote its effective use.

Parental Responsibility and Competition

One of the highlights of being a City of Derby parent is watching your child swim their heart out at galas and enjoy time with their swimming friends.  Follow the link below for some important messages about how we can all ensure our young swimmers can get the best out of thier experience at galas.

Parental Responsibility and Competitions