Team Unify – Data Privacy and Financial Security Standard

//Team Unify – Data Privacy and Financial Security Standard

Team Unify – Data Privacy and Financial Security Standard

Dear all,

Many thanks for your patience while we roll-out a significant transformation to our swimming Club, through the introduction of the Team Unify platform.

Reminder that this new club management software will provide some much improvement to the way we run our club, including increasing our data security significantly to meet new legislation recently introduced by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), automating many of the standard activities carried out by our volunteers, and generally giving you the wider membership a much better experience of interacting with the club.  I have great confidence that once we’re through the implementation phase, and we have all the capability switched on, our processes will be much simpler and we will look and feel far more professional reflecting the elite performance that our swimmers give day-in, day-out, in every squad.

Just to set expectations, I envisage the full roll-out of all capability to take around 6 months in total carried out by the good will of our volunteers.  This roll-out includes auto payment, a new website, meet entries, membership, job manager, and improved coaching tools to name but a few.  I thank Rachel Shardlow in this respect for her leadership in getting us to this stage and showing the way with my and full committee support.

Our immediate task it to get all members of the following squads: Elite, National, Midland Gold, Midland, Midland Development and Development 1 set-up to pay their fees through Team Unify.  Later this month we will then provide the signal to the rest of the club to set their payments up in the same way.  Note: at this stage we are just delayed by a few days in setting up the billing system while we carry out final configuration checks with Team Unify.  This configuration work will be completed by the end of the week and is the reason why many of you have not been charged yet for monthly fees due in June.

GDPR and Data Privacy

In preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect on 25 May 2018, City of Derby Swimming Club moved to Team Unify to increase the security of how we collect, process and maintain the personal data of our members.  Team Unify have an excellent reputation and have a proven track record of providing high standards of data security beyond GDPR requirements, as well a providing excellent functionality in their club management software.

As part of this relationship, City of Derby Swimming Club are described as the “Data Controller” and are responsible for ensuring that our members data is secure and processed in accordance with the law.  The GDPR mandates, amongst other things, that we include specific privacy clauses in all contracts with third parties that collect or process our members data on our (your) behalf.  You have my assurance as Chair of the Club that this has been done in this case with Team Unify.  Team Unify have published some FAQs (see below) to provide all their customers with information about key changes under GDPR, together with how they achieve compliance.

Team Unify FAQs

City of Derby Swimming Club Data Privacy Notice

To complement the above and as the Data Controller, attached below is our own City of Derby Swimming Club Data Privacy Notice for use of Team Unify.  This notice details the type of personal data processing that as a club we will undertake through the Team Unify platform, together with our data collection practices.  Our intention will be to make this notice available to members in Team Unify as we progress with the roll-out, and we’ll remind you of it again next January when we carry out our annual membership process (through Team Unify).

Note, that in order to improve the operation of our club, additional data access privileges will be provided to Coaches and Squad Representatives relative to what they have today, in order to fulfil their role and responsibility to the Club.  Increased access in this respect will be limited to membership address and telephone numbers in order to fulfil their obligation to communicate with members and maintain club HS&E (e.g ring mum or dad in an emergency).

CoDSC_Data_Privacy_Notice_June 2018

Financial Security Standard

Many of you have asked questions about data security and in particular the security of your financial details.  Team Unify has attained PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance.  This is the highest level of compliance within the payment card industry security standard for credit card data, and the same level that banks and the largest online retailers are certified.  Team Unify have been audited by an external organisation and have met or exceeded all PCI Level 1 requirements.

Please also be assured that only you can enter, maintain and see your payment card details.  No other member of the club can see these details, including me as Chair or the Treasurer of the Club.

Also be assured that only fees that you approve and transact can be deducted by Team Unify and its financial services team.  The Club cannot just deduct money from your account, this has to be transacted by yourself through Team Unify.  Monthly fees will be deducted on the 1st of every month (once we have enabled the billing process – see above!) and in setting up your auto payment, you personally will enable this transaction.  Fees will increase from time-to-time through swimmer promotion and/or annual review of finances, with the latter occurring in April of each year.  In both cases, members will be given at least 2 weeks notice, but in the case of increases through annual review, 1 months notice will be provided by the Club.

To this end, I hope this information provides further reassurance of data and financial security of Team Unify, plus details of data processing practices by the City of Derby Swimming Club.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to drop me an email at

Many thanks,

Steve Layton

Chair – City of Derby Swimming Club

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