Swimmer of the Month – June 2018

//Swimmer of the Month – June 2018

Swimmer of the Month – June 2018

Junior Coaching Level 1


He’s trying really hard to improve his strokes and his backstroke technique is looking really good

Junior Coaching Level 2

Holly Howells

She’s working really hard on all strokes and has been trying so hard not to put her feet down.

Junior Coaching Level 3

Noah Hawksworth

Recently he’s working really hard and listening really well to any feedback given to him to improve his stroke.

Junior Coaching Level 4

William Moore 

For the special effort he has put in on his technique especially breastroke legs and fc arms. He is always ready to race!

Cool Crocs

Emily Mosley

So much improvement on her diving with the distance she travels off the block, reaction time and quality of entry into the water. She always has a smile on her face in sessions and is showing such enthusiasm and motivation to succeed in training.


Ella Ratliff

She has great attendance and in her first gala managed to obtain county times. 

She trains hard and listens to the coach.

She always tries her best.

Development 1

Millie king 

She always works hard in training and does her best no matter what. She has come on a lot over the last 6 months with some great results as of late due to her grit and determination in the pool!! Keep up the good work. 

Midland Development

(Joint Swimmers of the month) 

Hannah Hodgekiss and Fred Buckingham. 

For there current performances in recent competitions and training. Both swimmers give a 100 percent in training, 100 percent attendance and improvements in all skills which were shown in the Notts northern meet at the weekend. 

Both are so focused on achieving their goals in swimming and with an amazing attitude and will to learn .

Well done Hannah and Fred keep up the good work.

Midland Squad

Archie Heron

He has really stepped up his game in the last few weeks and has gone from strength to strength in his swimming and his land work. He has never been afraid to shy away from a challenge, both mentally and physically, and helps to motivate and inspire the team around him!

Well done Archie!

Mentions also have to go to Aimee Boucherat and Maddy Dawkins-Smith for their excellent training and improvements recently. They have both epitomised hard work and I can always rely on them to be positive influences on the squad and to execute skills with precision without reminders. Well done girls!

National Squad

Olly Hooper

A big congrats to Olly on his award for Swimmer of the Month! He’s demonstrated a massive improvement in his performances in competition, and the results are backed by a large commitment from Olly in training. Just a few weeks ago Olly evaluated his swimming, pinpointed his weak areas and made the decision to reorganize his time in the mornings so he could stay for the full duration of Monday-Wednesday-Friday early morning sessions. He uses this time to fine tune his starts, focus on his underwater and increase the volume of his training. It’s decisions like this that support swimmers in achieving their goals. Well done Olly!

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