Swimcamp – Greece

//Swimcamp – Greece

Swimcamp – Greece

I am still missing passports and EHiC’s for some swimmers attending Swimcamp.  I need these urgently as we need to confirm the passport details to the airline by the 31st July:


Millie Barton – EHiC

Sian Heap – Passport and EHiC

Oliver Hooper – Passport and EHiC

Ellie Middleton – Passport and EHiC

Nat Miller-Walters – Passport

Maggie V-N – Passport and EHiC

Johnny V-N – Passport and EHiC

A photo on your phone is perfectly acceptable and either text me 07702 946674, whatsapp, email – kirstgal@yahoo.co.uk or facebook messenger me with this please.

Also attached is the parental consent form, this needs to be signed by both swimmer and parent/carer. Please make sure that all medical conditions, current injuries and Allergies/Intolerances are detailed fully on this form.  This is to be returned no later than 3rd September


School Absence letter can be downloaded here:


Many thanks


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