Squad Movement Reminder (Nemos/Dev1/Mid Dev)

//Squad Movement Reminder (Nemos/Dev1/Mid Dev)

Squad Movement Reminder (Nemos/Dev1/Mid Dev)

Dear Members,


A friendly reminder of our statement at the Club Meeting in January that movements within Nemos, Dev1 and Mid Dev are set to occur after the second week of Counties.

As noted earlier in the season at the AGM, movements were originally set to occur for these squads after Easter. The change in date is a result of our swimmers being ready to make this move now as opposed to later and the structural change posed to our schedule with Moorways closing. We have the space, our swimmers are ready for the next stage in their swimming and our coaches are confident in the promotions.


Communication to the families will go out this week.

We appreciate the difficulties that come with schedule changes and hope sufficient notice will allow you to plan accordingly.


Let’s continue on the path of creating a community oriented membership for our swimmers! Offer support where we can, communicate and enjoy the process.

Look forward to seeing our CoD swimmers in action at Counties this weekend.


Coach Mandy

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