Parents/Guardians of 11 year old swimmers

//Parents/Guardians of 11 year old swimmers

Parents/Guardians of 11 year old swimmers

Message from Barrie May of the Derbyshire ASA :

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Derbyshire ASA have signed up to support the ASA England Talent Programme and will be running 3 one day swim camps for 11 year old swimmers during 2017.

A one hour presentation for parents/guardians of 11 year old swimmers will be held in the Community Room at the ARC leisure centre during the county championships on 18th February at 12.00. There will be space for one parent/guardian per swimmer to attend.

The purpose of this meeting is to inform you of the purpose of the programme and to introduce the personnel (head coach etc.) who will be running the programme in the county.

It would be helpful if you could inform me in advance of your intension to attend by emailing me (

Barrie May

Derbyshire ASA

Swimming talent lead.

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