Norwich Swim Camp Day 1

//Norwich Swim Camp Day 1

Norwich Swim Camp Day 1

After a early start meeting at Moorways bright and breezy, our young swimmers board the coach bound for Norwich. There were plenty of exited faces, not forgetting a boot full of healthy snacks to keep us going for the next 3 days!

We arrived at Eaton Vale bang on time at 12pm, the sun was shining and we had a packed lunch waiting for us, that we ate on the patio.

After being fed and watered we got back on the coach for the short ride to the swimming centre where we took part in our first activity of the day which was rock climbing! Everyone took part, even Rich, Stuart and Mark had a go, not forgetting that Mark is afraid of heights!! It was great fun and the instructors were very professional and took great care of us!

Following this we went outside for a short break in the sun before heading back inside for the 2 hour swim session. Rich and Mark lead the session and everyone did a fantastic job swimming just over 6k with lots of endurance and skills.

As you can see from the photos everyone was spent after the swim and rock climbing!!

We then got back on the coach and head back to Eaton Vale for our well earned dinner of Spag Bol and profiteroles!

Issues with the TV volume put an end to the movie night, but everyone still had fun and at 9pm everyone was ready for bed, looking forward for an early start tomorrow for another action packed day before another 2 hour swim session.

Day 2 updates tomorrow night!

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