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Group Description and Expectations

National squad is for swimmers working toward regional and national level competitions. Competitions will be located within the region and internationally to develop the necessary experience for achieving excellence in the sport. Swimmers are expected to attend a seasonal international intensive training camp for improved independence, experience and physiological adaptation. The training program of this squad prioritises physiological, technical and tactical development for optimal performance at Championship competitions.

Ages 14+ as of 31st December

All Squad Expectations:

  • Has an excellent attitude, and desire to progress. Demonstrates a strong work ethic and committed to achieving the attendance requirement as determined by the Lead Coach.
  • Works to make technical changes in all four strokes, starts and turns.
  • Attends designated competitions and enters a wide range of events, as is expected for all squads.

Squad Criteria

  • Has achieved 3 East Midland Qualifying times either short course or long course.
  • Swimmers who are 13 years of age and achieve 3 East Midland times in the 14 years age category may be considered for movement to National Squad based on ability to withstand the training intensity, meet the skill and attendance requirement for the squad.

Coach’s Discretion for National

Coaches reserve the right to move swimmers within our club pathway regardless of age and to the benefit of their individual stage of development.


To make an enquiry about joining the squad click here.

To view the training timetable click here.


National Squad coach Ryan Lovatt leads the programme.  Ryan was appointed National Squad coach in January 2017.  He recently retired from swimming after 14 years in the pool and has swiftly made his mark with the squad! Ryan has enjoyed many hours in and out of the water and made some amazing friends along the way!  His swimming achievements spread from Midland Regional Finals to National individuals and National Relays.


Swimmers will need the following items: hat, goggles, mesh bag with kickboard, pullbuoy, hand paddles, freestyle snorkel, tennis ball and training fins. Drinks bottle.

Swimmers are expected to wear club kit and the club hat when they are representing City of Derby at competitions and open meets. For details of equipment, clothing apparel and branded City of Derby Swimming Club items that are available to purchase please visit the club kit section.

Squad Expectations

City of Derby is a competitive swimming club and places in the national squad are much sought after. We ask that swimmers comply with the following requirements of the squad:

Click here to view squad expectations.