National Squad – Friday PM *Important updates*

//National Squad – Friday PM *Important updates*

National Squad – Friday PM *Important updates*

*There will be no land training tonight. Swimming only, starting at 6:30pm (Arrive 6:15pm).


*The swimmers will be given 5000, 4500 or 4000m to complete for practice. There are no intervals… they will be done as quickly as they are able to complete their written session.


*The time it takes to complete the session will depend on how quickly they run through the workout. It SHOULD only take at the very longest 1.5 hours.


*Mandy is coaching in Loughborough until 6pm, then heading to Moorways right after. Coach Ryan will be on deck at Moorways to start the National Squad session on time! I’ll be there ASAP 🙂

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