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Hello Midland families,

Thank you for being patient and understanding with the transition in pool schedule as it has impacted our planning with Midland Gold.

We have devised a new program for Midland Gold based on the changes to our training schedule. Please see below:

Thursday AM 5:15-7:00 – ALL Midland Gold swimmers

Friday AM 5:15-7:00 – 13 and over Midland Gold swimmers ONLY

Sunday PM 5:00-7:00 – ALL Midland Gold Swimmers


The number of sessions stay the same as what was previously offered.

The requirement is that Midland Gold swimmers complete a total of 6 sessions between the ones done with Midland and the ones done with National. In doing so the Midland Gold swimmers will be able to increase the frequency and volume of their training while also continuing to do the all important development of skill.


Promotion letters have been sent in the mail and should arrive this week.


For a review of the criteria, please see below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact myself, Grace or Ryan.



Midland Gold 2017 January-August Criteria

The program of integrating swimmers from Midland into National squad on a weekly basis has proven to be a positive movement for the club. Our goal of providing opportunities to this group has resulted in an ability to further develop the long term success of the next generation of COD swimmers.

For the next phase of the season we have tweaked the criteria to adapt to the needs of our program. Please see below for details.

We will have two additional movements into Midland Gold. The first being the week following our COD LC Meet in January and the second being the week following Easter. In order to be eligible for selection into the squad, swimmers must have at least one East Midland Championships qualifying time on the 12 month rankings with their age taken as of 31st December, 2017.


Final consideration for selection

  • Attends designated competitions and enters a wide range of events, as is expected for all squads.
  • Has an excellent attitude, and desire to progress. Demonstrates a strong work ethic and consistent attendance at workout.
  • Works to make technical changes in all four strokes, starts and turns.


Rationale for new criteria

Due to having only one long course racing opportunity this cycle it was necessary to set a standard that is attainable for both long course and short course racing situations. The East Midland Championships qualifying times are clear cut and a reasonable standard for swimmers in the Midland Squad. The times (see attached) are listed in SCM, but can also be achieved through converting LCM times to SCM.


January-April consideration

Swimmers currently in Midland Gold who do not have an East Midland Championships qualifying time will be provided with continued acceptance into Midland Gold for the January-April training cycle granted the final consideration for selection is met to the standard of both the Squad Coach and Head Coach. The target being to provide the swimmers the opportunity to solidify their position given the considerably different format to squad criteria presented here. Although, please keep in mind this is a one-time consideration for Midland Gold and that in order to remain in the squad after Easter ALL swimmers will be required to have an East Midland Championship time.



For swimmers who are keen to become a future member of the Midland Gold Squad, consider the following targets

Skill development and attendance

Swimmers who become the most reliable on their technique will see the most success out of their hard sessions with National Squad. Work hard at the techniques you are taught so you can seek out the most benefit from the training you receive in the future.  Ensure your attendance is high. To see a very BASIC level of success from your training, I believe swimmers need to attend at least 80% of their sessions on a weekly basis and also on a consistent monthly basis. Attendance averages below this margin drastically increase your chances of failing to achieve your goals. To achieve OPTIMAL success from training I expect above 90% attendance.


Competitions and understanding the process

By following COD’s targeted competitions you will put yourself in a position to benefit from each training cycle. Competitions are placed at specific moments throughout each cycle to provide both swimmer and coach with a means to evaluate progress. We ask you to not attend any competitions outside the ones targeted for your squad unless otherwise instructed by your coach. Evaluation of your progress is based first and foremost on process oriented targets, meaning that our coaches look for improvement on technical, tactical, and psychological skills above all else. In looking at long term success, by teaching you how to improve on the process of your races we are setting you up to achieve the ultimate outcome of reaching your performance related goals.


Achieving East Midland Qualifying times

Know how fast you need to swim both short course and long course to achieve a qualifying time. Then, be the person who is willing to stand out from the rest and take the initiative to work hard for your goals.


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