Mid Dev and Dev1 Traffic Light Testing

//Mid Dev and Dev1 Traffic Light Testing

Mid Dev and Dev1 Traffic Light Testing

The Midland Development and Development1 Traffic Light Testing is set to begin this week! An exciting new way for our swimmers to both evaluate their technique and set goals for improvement. We have scheduled test sets on specific days over the next two weeks to evaluate all four strokes, starts, turns and kick ability. All key components for developing young swimmers. The tests will only run on these dates (unfortunately no repeats for swimmers who miss a session) and are set to be done again after Counties in February. On the form you will notice the words Green, Yellow and Red. When assessing the swimmers our coaches will award the following:

Green for meets expectation and ready for more mature techniques

Yellow to note there are still areas for improvement in order to meet expectation

Red to warn the skill is sitting below average with a need for focused attention


Please have a look through the following information to ensure you are prepped for each session:

-Please print the attached form and send with your swimmer

-We need about 12 parent volunteers to help with recording. Please can you make yourself available if you are there to watch your swimmer? Help is very much appreciated. Bring along a pen or pencil with you for recording.

-Ensure your swimmer comes prepared with a water bottle


Dates and location for testing

Saturday, September 2nd at Bramcote 5-7pm – Starts


Sunday, September 3rd at QLC 4-6pm – Turns


Wednesday, September 6th Bramcote 8:30-10:00pm – 8×100 Freestyle (4 Tech, 4 Max) and 8×25 Breaststroke (4 Tech, 4 Max)


Saturday, September 9th Bramcote 5-7pm – 8×100 Backstroke (4 Tech, 4 Max) and 8×25 Butterfly (4 Tech, 4 Max)


Sunday, September 10th QLC 4-6pm – 16×50 Kick (4 of each stroke)



Reminder of what to bring

-Recording sheet

-Parent volunteer with a pen or pencil


Traffic Light Evaluation Forms (1)


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