Masters Swimmers – we need you!

//Masters Swimmers – we need you!

Masters Swimmers – we need you!

There is a Masters photo shoot booked in Loughborough on 9th April 1-3pm. I could do with some more Masters Swimmers of all ages and abilities.

The Details are:

Loughborough Community College Pool

1-3pm on Sunday 9th April – roughly an hours basic training session, a few relays and some fun stuff.

The pictures will be used for promotional material in the future for all things Masters/Adult fitness promotion.


Most pictures will be in the water showing all the different aspects of Masters plus the odd one poolside. It’s a chance to show how great Masters swimming is. If anyone is interested please drop me an email and I’ll send further details. I’m afraid I can’t give anyone any expenses but I’ll be providing a cuppa and some treats afterwards.


Thanks Sharon


Sharon Lock

National Masters & Open Water Officer


Please let Val Thorp or I know if you are interested.



Rich Pilcher

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