Loughbrough Long Course Training Friday 2nd feb

//Loughbrough Long Course Training Friday 2nd feb

Loughbrough Long Course Training Friday 2nd feb

Please see below for what time your session will be on Friday



Millie King

Lucy Brighouse

Isobella Moran

Zoe Boucherat

Benjamin Barker

Amelia Lewis

Fred Buckingham

Pablo Casar

Gabby Robinson

Amelia Robinson

Catherine Robinson

Lillyanne bentham






Joe Bagley

Alex Shardlow

Madeline Dawkins-Smith

Sophie Hotchkiss

Ben Kadoch

Delainey Cotton

McKinley Cotton

Reuben Mason

Nat Miller Walters

Angelina Freeman

Henry Francis

Connie Vanes

Grace Fuller

Jessica Grace

Amie Boucherat

Archie Heron

Aiden Joubet

Guy Farnsworth

Ethan Billinge

Libby Bateman

Ison von fintel

Lucy Seymour



If i have missed anybody off or anybody in the later session wishes to attend the earlier session then please drop me an email markdeeeep@icloud.com



many thanks mark






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