Important: Arena League Final

//Important: Arena League Final

Important: Arena League Final

The details are as follows;

  • Coach -Although Moorways is now closed “Harpers” have agreed to pick up on the roadside near to the pool and as there are bollards across the entrance the swimmers will still be able to stand on the adjacent car park away from the road.

    The pickup time is 7-30am with an arrival time of approximately 11-00am and a departure time of 5-00 to 5-30pm

    If you are a member of the team (or reserve) but are not travelling on the coach, please email Steve Layton to that effect

  • The Team as previously blogged with 2 amendmentsThe criteria for selection is – all ages as at 31/12 as per the 3 previous rounds but one year older.

    The team selection below is based almost entirely on LONG COURSE rankings times as at 15/03/17

    Lucy Seymour

    Ziyenne Shanker

    Julia Rucinska

    Belle Needham

    Katie Spooner

    Abbey Turnbull

    Nadia Williams

    Emma Tyers

    Natalie Layton

    Sophie Yendell

    Sian Heap

    Michaela Stephen

    Ellie Baldwin

    Amy Grant

    Krissy Tomlinson

    Heather Parlour

    Seb Lee

    Joshua Saddington

    Archie Heron

    Reuben Mason

    Ben Atkinson

    Toma Tokiwa-Smith

    Guy Farnsworth

    John Petre Vassil-Necula

    Donal Hay

    Jensen Hulbert

    Campbell Stephen

    Joel Muir

    Brandon Sharkey

    Ryan Lovatt

    Greg Butler

    Will Foster



    Alex Shardlow

    Sophie Hotchkiss

    Ellie Middleton

    Lauren Clark

    Ethan Billinge

    Venue : Cardiff International Pool

    • Accreditations and advance-purchased tickets will be available for collection at 11.30 on the day of the final, from the crèche at the side of the main entrance to the pool.
    • Entrance for athletes will be at 12 noon by the fire exit doors nearest the car park. Shoes to be removed on poolside
    • Entrance for spectators will be at 12 noon, through the crèche at the side of the main entrance to the pool.
    • Warm-up will commence at 12.15 until 13.00
    • 13.00 Opening ceremony, followed by the gala, followed by presentations
    • The expectation is to be clear by 16.30
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