Help required to run our Club!

//Help required to run our Club!

Help required to run our Club!

Dear parents/carers,

A number of people who currently fulfil the key roles to run our swimming club will be stepping down in the next few weeks.  Whilst this is perfectly normal and usually reflects the stage their swimmers are at in the aquatic careers, it does present an operational risk to the running of the club, particularly for the lower squads and our young guns who are coming through at pace.  I’m therefore reaching out to parents of all squads, for enthusiastic volunteers to address some urgent resourcing issues, and mitigate risks to our club and swimmers.

We’re always looking for helpers to share the workload, but in particular the following skills and experience are sought:

  1. Experience of organising and running Open Meets
  2. Skills and experience with electronics (results & scoreboard)
  3. Club admin & correspondence
  4. Databases & record keeping
  5. Digital club management
  6. Financial management, including knowledge of managing & producing accounts
  7. Legal advisor
  8. Pool bookings
  9. Swim21 accreditation – Essentials
  10. Swim21 accreditation – Performance environment
  11. Health & Safety risk management
  12. Schools liaison (primary schools to University education)
  13. Website support & administration
  14. Help with organising social events
  15. Fundraising & sponsorship
  16. Liaison with Swim England on Leading the Lanes, ensuring our children are encouraged and recognised, for their volunteer effort

Some of the roles becoming available will be committee positions, others will be simply the significant roles to protect our position as an Elite swim club.

Sorry I’m so demanding, but given the vast array of skills and talent amongst our parents and carers, can you give this some thought over the next few days and let me know where you can help (reply to  Novices are always welcome, and your never a novice for long!

The future success of the club relies on your continued help and support.

Have a great bank holiday!

Many thanks,

Steve Layton

Club Secretary

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