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The past year 2015/2016 has been one of, if not the most successful year in the history of the City of Derby Swimming Club, even surpassing last year’s efforts. There have been many experiences, achievements and successes for a range of athletes; from our very successful learn to swim programme overseen by Rich Pilcher through to our vibrant Masters section coached by Di Andrews.

We are proud of our swimmer’s achievements at every level; whether that be success at the highest level of swimming through City of Derby’s own Adam Peaty or an athlete’s first county qualification time; each achievement is significant and is celebrated.

This is what we have achieved over the past year…….

World Champion  (Kazan 2015)

Name Event
Adam Peaty 100m Breaststroke
Adam Peaty 50m Breaststroke
Adam Peaty 4x100m Mixed Medley Relay


World Record Holder


Name Event Time
Adam Peaty 100m Breaststroke 57.13
Adam Peaty 50m Breaststroke 26.42
Adam Peaty 4x100m Mixed Medley Relay 3.41.71


Olympic Qualifiers and Achievements Rio 2016

Adam Peaty Olympic champion 100 metre breaststroke in a new world record time of 57.13 seconds.

Silver Medal 4 x 100 metre Medley Relay.

Lewis White Paralympic silver medalist in S9 400 m freestyle.



LEN European Championships London 2016


Representing Great Britain: Harriet Cooper, Adam Peaty.


European Champion and record holder * London 2016


Name Event Time
Adam Peaty* 100m Breaststroke 58.36
Adam Peaty* 50m Breaststroke 26.66
Adam Peaty* # Mixed 4×100 med relay 3:44.56
Adam Peaty Mens 4×100 med relay 3:32.15

# Record achieved in Kazan 2015

British Championship Qualifiers Glasgow 2016

Eleanor Baldwin, Greg Butler, Harriet Cooper, Amy Grant, Brad Lynch, Adam Peaty, Ryan Reader, Sarah Vasey, Lewis White.

ASA National  Summer Championships  Qualifiers 2016

Gregory Butler (3) , William Foster (4), Bradley Lynch (2), Michaela Stephen (3), Sophie Yendell (3), Eleanor Baldwin (3), Amy Grant (3), Harriet Cooper (5), Sarah Vasey (3)

ASA National Summer Championship Results 2016

 ASA Home Nations Championship Qualifiers 2016

Shay Bradley (2), Campbell Stephen (1), Gregory Butler (2), William Foster (1), George Cooper (2), Kyle Swannick (1), Ryan Reader (3), Michaela Stephen (1), Sophie Yendell (1), Maggie Vassileva-Necula, Georgina Walker (2), Sarah Vasey (1)

 ASA Home Nations Championship Results 2016

 East Midlands Youth Championships 2016 Qualifiers

 Adam Peaty (5), Jensen Hulbert (4), Ryan Reader (11), Brad Lynch (5), George Cooper (7), Kyle Swannick (12), Lewis White (1), Will Foster (9), Greg Butler (12), Shay Bradley (7), Ethan Billinge (13), Joel Muir (12), CAmpbell Stephen (5), Jasper Williams (2), Will Williamson-Sheehan (1), Evan-Ross Coggins (1), Edmund Spink (1), Harriet Cooper (8), Frances Spink (6), Sarah Cross (6), Michaela Stephen (11), Ellie Baldwin (5), Amy Grant (6), Heather Parlour (3), Krissy Tomlinson (10), Sarah Vasey (7), Georgina Walker (15), Maggie Vasseleva-Necula (6), Tia Stirland (7), MEgan Thomas (3), Sophie Davies (3), Sophie Yendell (8), Lauren Clark(7), Molly Cooper (11), Izzy Foster (6), Abbie Hulbert (3), Rhiannon Owen (2), Sian Heap (4), Abi Mason (8), Angelina Freeman (9) — 39 swimmers

East Midlands Youth Championships 2016 Medal Winners

Medal Name Event Time
Gold Ryan Reader 200 Back 2.11.25
Gold Ellie Baldwin 100 Back 1.04.16
Gold Amy Grant 100 Free 58.53
Gold Will Foster 200 Free 1.58.73
Gold Greg Butler 100 Breast 1.05.63
Gold Sophie Yendell 100 Free 1.00.78
Gold Will Foster 200 IM 2.14.60
Gold Will Foster 100 Free 54.79
Gold Sarah Vasey 50 Breast 30.62
Gold Greg Butler 200 Breast 2.26.61
Gold Sophie Yendell 100 Fly 1.06.45
Gold Sarah Vasey 100 Breast 1.09.72
Gold Sophie Yendell 50 Fly 28.55
Gold Sophie Yendell 50 Free 27.94
Gold Greg Butler 50 Breast 30.29
Silver Sarah Vasey 200 IM 2.23.42
Silver Shay Bradley 200 Back 2.18.78
Silver Michaela Stephen 200 IM 2.30.38
Silver Ryan Reader 100 Back 1.00.48
Silver Michaela Stephen 200m Breast 2.45.49
Silver Campbell Stephen 200 Breast 2.39.69
Silver Ellie Baldwin 200m Back 2.20.66
Silver Sarah Vasey 50 Free 26.90
Silver Michaela Stephen 100 Breast 1.17.72
Bronze Ryan Reader 200 Freestyle 1.56.46
Bronze Krissy Tomlinson 100 Freestyle 101.06
Bronze Campbell Stephen 100 Breast 1.14.25
Bronze Maggie V-Necula 100 Breast 1.17.73
Bronze Shay Bradley 100 Back 1.05.56
Bronze Shay Bradley 50 Free 26.36
Bronze Shay Bradley 50 Back 30.40
Bronze Campbell Stephen 50 Breast 34.38
Bronze Amy Grant 50 Free 27.32
Bronze Molly Cooper 50 Breast 36.86

East Midland Age Group Championships 2016 Qualifiers

Danny Skinner (11), Nat Miller-Walters (6), Jonny Vasselev-Necula (12), Max Morris (3), Oliver Hooper (3), Tom Brompton (3), James Walker (1), Guy Farnsworth (14), Ellie Middleton (2), Emma Tyers (5), Natalie Layton (9), Nadia Williams (8), Connie Vanes (3), Abbey Turnbull (10) KeAnne Lonsdale-Ellis (2) –15 Swimmers

East Midland Age Group Championships 2016 Medal Winners

Medal Name Event Time
Silver Guy Farnsworth 50 Breast 35.52
Bronze Jonny V-N 50 Free 30.05
Bronze Jonny V-N 50 Breast 36.90
Bronze Danny Skinner 50 Breast 36.17
Bronze Jonny V-N 100 Free 1.06.03
Bronze Guy Farnsworth 200 Breast 2.52.81 

Past and Present Regional Record Holders (Senior)

East Midlands Senior Long Course

Name Event Time Date
Mel Marshall 100m Freestyle 54.62 11/04/04
Harriet Cooper 100m Backstroke 1.00.95 07/11/15
Harriet Cooper 50m Backstroke 28.43 06/11/15
Adam Peaty 100m Breaststroke 58.41 13/04/15
Adam Peaty 50m Breaststroke 27.11 06/11/15


East Midlands Senior Short Course

Name Event Time Date
Mel Marshall 400m Freestyle 4.02.23 18/01/04
Mel Marshall 200m Freestyle 1.55.10 14/12/03
Harriet Cooper 100m Backstroke 58.83 06/11/16
Harriet Cooper 100m Freestyle 53.31 17/12/15
Harriet Cooper 50m Backstroke 27.50 19/12/15
Sarah Vasey 50m Breaststroke 30.47 17/12/15
Braddan Westlake 200m I.M. 1.59.45 17/12/15
Adam Peaty 100m Breaststroke 57.94 25/10/15
Adam Peaty 50m Breaststroke 26.38 24/10/15

Past and Present Regional Record Holders (Junior)

East Midlands Junior Long Course

Name Event Time Date
Harriet Cooper 50m Backstroke 29.44 30/06/13
Sophie Yendell 50m Butterfly 28.09 12/03/16
Greg Butler 50m Breaststroke 30.42 13/03/16


East Midlands Junior Short Course

Name Event Time Date
Ryan Reader 200m Backstroke 02.03.75 02/03/14
Greg Butler 200m Breaststroke 2.20.50 20/12/15

Derbyshire County Championship 2016 Qualifiers


Heather Parlour, Michaela Stephen, Harriet Cooper, Rhiannon Owen,Mya Watt, Lauren Clarke, Emma Tyers, Nadia Williams, Paige Swannick, Isobel Foster, Natalie Layton, Ellie Middleton, Tia Stirland, Sophie Yendall, Eleanor Baldwin, Bethany Johnson, Katie Heald, Delainey Cotton, Gabriella Robinson, Megan Thomas, Caitlin Thomas, Jessica Grace, Grace Fuller, Eliza Walker, Sarah Cross, Molly Cooper, Amelia Hibbs, Caitlin Skelly, Libby Kelly, Delphine Beya, Sian Heap, Frances Spink, Krissy Tomlinson, Amiee Boucherat, Lucy Seymour, Sophie Wells, Cerys Alton-Shardlow, Alexia West, Belle Needham, Connie Vanes, Greta Downes, Abbie Hulbert, Ellie Buck, Jessica Mole, Faith Davies, Abigail Hong, Maggie Vassileva-Necula, Abi Mason, Alicia Ward-Lowe, Alex Shardlow, Mia Norris, Abi Williamson-Sheehan, Ziyenne Shanker, Julia Rucinska, Millie Taylor, Ethan Biiling, Greg Butler, Kyle Swannick, Jaspar Williams, Shay Bradley, Iain Macpherson, George Cooper, Campbell Stephen, Mackenzie King, Harvey Box, Tom Brompton, Evan Ross-Coggins, Nick Skinner, Max Morris, Sebastian Lee, Ed Spink, James Walker, Chris Howe, Lysander Schubert-Hobbs, Henry Francis, Donal Hay, Nat Miller-Walters, Ben Atkinson, Ryan Reader, Archie Heron, Jensen Hulbert, Jacob Atkinson, Jonny Vassilev- Necula, Reuben Mason, Aaron Johnson, Reian Ward, Joel Muir, Phoenix Muir, Will Williamson-Sheehan.

Derbyshire County Championship Medal Winners 2016


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Derbyshire County Record Holders Past and Present


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