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img_0425img_4722img_1484 img_1486 img_1490 img_1491Well we made it, the Diddy League Grand Final! Wowzers! What an achievement!

Having had a number of training sessions beforehand, we were ready! Thanks to all those who made the extra effort to attend, especially team building on Friday!

The team set off from Moorways on the bus on Sunday morning, armed with face paint, flags, banners and our new kit!

Arriving at Corby in good time, we had plenty of time to show the other teams what we are really made of. We managed a full cardio warm up, a pre pool work out (Thanks to Max, Johnny and Gabz) and a couple of team chants all before we actually got into the pool!

The atmosphere inside was electric. We participated in the parade (not once but twice!!) as well as standing to sing the national anthem. Thanks to our official fan club who stood and shouted from the stands all afternoon!

Then it was time for the racing to begin. Competition was tough, with Stockport, Plymouth, Leeds, Guildford, Gateshead, Norwich and Northampton all fielding very strong teams. It’s safe to say that we had improved massively from the Southern Final. Only one DQ this time and we managed to finish one place higher than we had entered. The 7th best junior team in the whole country is not bad at all! Great job guys!

Special mentions go to Johnny V-N who picked up top boy for an incredible 33.9 for 50 breast. Also a massive thanks to our reserves Eliza, Connie, Nat M-W, Ellie B, Jess and Ben K who traveled with the team and cheered them on from start to finish. Thanks to the swimmers who swam their hearts out in the qualifying rounds, to allow us to get to the national finals. Without you we wouldn’t be here! Coaches, officials and team managers, you guys have done an awesome job too.

Guys, you are amazing! Here’s to next year! Wooooooossshhhhhhhhh

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