Country Relay Splits

//Country Relay Splits

Country Relay Splits

Counties provides the chance for our swimmers to gain experience competing on relay teams. Whether it be our first time or our hundredth time, all who competed were able to practice their takeovers and practice lifting their personal level of performance in a team environment.

Relays provide that special moment where the result comes down to the overall contribution of all four swimmers. No matter how tiring the situation, we always strive to raise ourselves for the betterment of the team. Doing so at the final session of a championship meet such as Counties brings us one step closer to being a driving force in Arena league, Junior League, Midland and National championship relays.

For those who are just starting off in their pursuit of successful relay swimming keep in mind that disqualifications will happen (at all levels!). The relay takeover can be a difficult skill to master. If we struggled on the skill today, we have time to practice and improve for next time!

Well done for the effort put in by all 59 of our relay teams. A great start and we look forward to seeing how this carries through to our upcoming meets.

We had three swimmers who went above and beyond with short rest between relay leg swims and for that a huge thank you goes to Jacob Atkinson, Corey Clark and Thomas Moore for stepping up to help your teams in a difficult situation!

Relay splits are listed below. Thank you to Coach Ryan for putting these together! Check out your splits, but keep in mind that there were quite a few discrepancies with the touch pads (highlighted in red). Strong finishes will help to minimise the problem in the future!

Go CoD!


County Relays 2017 Results

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