Counties information for CoD members

//Counties information for CoD members

Counties information for CoD members

Dear Members,

An important competition for CoD is coming up this weekend!

In light of the number of swimmers we have competing we are communicating a few key expectations to ensure a seamless and fun two weekends of racing for the swimmers.


Refer to the policy on withdrawals

Competitors wanting to withdraw from championships must do so by contacting Mrs. J. Mellor on 01332 677709 or by email: before 8.30pm on Friday 17th February 2017 for sessions 1 to 6 or 8.30pm on Friday 24th February 2017 for sessions 7-11, Withdrawals after these times each weekend must be done by sending a text message to 07929377809 no later than start of warmup for the session involved with swimmer’s name, club, and events. PLEASE NOTE VOICE MAIL MESSAGES WILL NOT BE CHECKED. Refunds for withdrawals will only be considered on an individual basis for illness or injury.


If making a withdrawal on the day of the competition

Approval must be sought out with the coach to ensure communication is made and expectations of the coach/swimmer are met.


Competition area

Only swimmers, coaches and team managers are allowed in competition areas. This includes the pool deck, changing facility, sports hall and hallway traffic areas between these locations.

We need to ensure this space is left clear for competitors, coaches and Team Managers.



Swimmers leaving the competition area

Swimmers must stay in the sports hall when not being marshalled on deck for an event.

In the event of an emergency, swimmers must report to a Team Manager. Should the resulting decision be made for a swimmer to go upstairs to the parent viewing area, the Team Managers will ensure this is dealt with accordingly.

If a swimmer would like to go on deck to cheer on a teammate all they need to do is notify a Team Manager.

Swimmers must notify Team Managers of their departure at the completion of their session.



How to get in touch with your swimmer during the competition

In the event of an emergency, if you are unable to flag the attention of a Team Manager, please flag for attention from a coach over the balcony of the viewing gallery.

Please do not enter the competition areas downstairs to flag the attention of your swimmer. We must leave these areas clear of spectators.



Creating a positive competition environment for the swimmers

Our staff of Team Managers and coaches will provide a safe environment for your swimmer. We have four Team Managers on staff at each session to ensure the needs of your swimmer are met.

Coaches are prepped and ready to provide your swimmer with pre-race plans and post-race feedback. Our expectation of the swimmers at Counties is to go see their coach before and directly after each swim. Following the post-race feedback, we expect the swimmers to return to the sports hall unless they are on deck to cheer for a teammate.

To all spectators enjoying the competition, we ask that you provide ample support from the viewing gallery while respecting the need for no spectators in the competition areas and the expectation set for the swimmers to communicate with their coach regarding pre-race plans and post-race feedback. Enjoy watching what will be some fast racing from CoD and our staff will take care of the rest!


Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to what will be a great two weekends of racing!


Good luck to our CoD crew!


Coach Mandy

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