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Dear all,

I’m looking for some budding historians who are willing to capture the heritage of the City of Derby Swimming Club.

Our history is massively important to us, not only to reflect on where we have come, but also to help influence our club decisions in the future.  As you all know, the City of Derby Swimming Club was established in 1983, just shortly after Derby had become a City.  However, what you may not know is our heritage actually extends right back to 1883 and through a period when we were known as the Otters Swimming Club.  We already have some information available that is in the possession of our Club President (Joyce Mellor), but over the course of the next 12 months I’d like to convert this information into electronic format, and add to it where we can to ensure our history is well documented and available to all.  I suspect the activity would suit someone (or a group of people) who enjoy history, good with IT (including scanning old photos, etc.) and like doing some detective work on the internet.  As part of the work, I’d also like us to interview a whole list of old friends and associates who helped shape the club over the years, including past Committee members, Councillors, Coaches and volunteers for those great stories that could get lost forever if we don’t act now.  One story I heard recently from many years ago, was when the club decided to double its training programme from 2 to 4 hours per week.  At the time parents were furious, how on enough could anyone find time to support 4 hours of swimming in one week? If only they knew what they started and what was ahead for the club and its members! 🙂

Next year (2018) will be a fitting time to start this exercise and give us time to get our history documented before any firm decisions are made about the future of Queens Leisure Centre and transition to the new facility at Moorways.  All of us will have different memories of the 3 pools at Queens; maybe it’s where we learned to swim, our children learned to swim, the ladies bath’s (now the family pool), maybe you can remember the Friday night dance above the gala pool (once the boards had been put down), or maybe its just fast swimming at Club Champs.  We must try to capture as much of it as we can.

Any help with this one, would be gratefully received.  If someone could coordinate, even better.

Maybe it fits with a school project?

If your interested and have some time, please drop me a note at and we’ll get started!

Many thanks, Steve Layton

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