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Club Documentation

  1. Frequently asked questions – Answers to questions frequently put forward to Coaches and Committee members.
  2. Club Constitution – Based on the ASA model constitution, this document publishes how we regulate our club affairs.  The Constitution is the cornerstone of the City of Derby Swimming Club.
  3. Descriptions of Key Roles – Descriptions of the key roles required to run our club both efficiently and effectively.  The majority of the roles are fulfilled by the goodwill of volunteers.
  4. Code of Conduct – The ‘Code of Conduct’ publishes the agreed set of rules for appropriate behaviour of all members of the City of Derby Swimming Club.
  5. Club Equity Statement – The ‘Equity Statement’ complements the Club Constitution defining our policy on being fair and impartial.
  6. Data Protection Booklet – The purpose of the Data protection booklet is to enable us to comply with relevant legislation in respect of the data we hold, follow good practice, and ensure we adhere to the Data Protection Act (1998).
  7. Procedure for dealing with Complaints and Disputes – When a dispute arises every effort should be made for the parties to settle the issue in an informal manner. Only when this avenue has been exhausted and no satisfactory conclusion reached, should the next steps be taken.  This procedure outlines the process for dealing with complaints and disputes within the Club

Welfare Documentation

  1. Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures – This link provides direct access through the ‘Wave Power’ website to the ASA Child safeguarding policy and procedures.
  2. Child Welfare Complaints Procedure – This link provides direct access through the ‘Wave Power’ website to the ASA Child Welfare Complaints procedure.
  3. Photographic Policy – The Photographic policy publishes the rules for recording images of our swimmers under the age of 18 years old.   The policy is necessary to ensure all images are taken in good faith and used appropriately.
  4. Guide to Social Media – The main aim of social networks is to build relationships with ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ through fresh and engaging content.  Used effectively Facebook and Twitter can be springboards to promoting our club and the hard work of our volunteers.  These simple guidelines promote its effective use.

Membership Documentation

  1. Membership Pack 2018 – General information on becoming a club member
  2. Membership Form 2018 – Membership Application Form
  3. ASA Registration Forms – Category 2/Category 1 & 3 – Application forms to join the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) under category 1, 2 or 3
  4. Standing Order Form 2018 – Monthly Coaching (Squad) Fees

Swim Camp Documentation

  1. Parental Consent Form – Consent form that provides permission from parents/guardians for swimmers under the age of 18 years to take part in swim camps and associated activities.
  2. Risk Assessment – Risk management template for swim camps.  Risk assessments will be carried out in advance of all Swim Camps.  For use by Coaches and Team Managers.
  3. Room Checklist
  4. Incident Form – Standard form to record all incidents whilst away on swim camps.  For use by Coaches and Team Managers.
  5. Typical Guide – Typical guide for parents and swimmers providing helpful guidance and information on how to prepare for the camp and the activity that you are likely to be involved in.
  6. Typical Presentation – Typical presentation for parents and swimmers providing the  necessary information to consider when deciding to enrol for a swim camp.