Berlin International Swim Meet

//Berlin International Swim Meet

Berlin International Swim Meet

Swimmers attending this meet, please be advised that the final payment instalment is due by Monday 27 th February.

The final cost of the trip is as estimated, £350. This is based on five entries. If you have been entered for more than five events then the additional cost is £12 per entry. As everyone’s final total is slightly different, I have provided a summary below of the balance due:

Natalie Layton £36

Isobel Foster £100

Will Foster £100

Amy Grant £100

Heather Parlour £112

Campbell Stephens £112

Michaela Stephens £124

Sian Heap £80

Toma T-S £112

Ellie Middleton £100

Guy Farnsworth £124

Ellie Baldwin £112

Georgina Walker £136

Nadia Williams £124

Megan Thomas £112

Joel Muir £136

Lewis White £100

Ryan Gordon £112

Keiran Wheatley £50

If your name does not appear you are fully paid up.

Any rejections will be refunded in due course.

The following meals are now included: Friday dinner, all meals on Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Swimmers will need to pack a lunch for Friday and a small amount of Euro for snacks throughout the weekend and for food at the airport on Sunday evening.

Phil Butler will provide further written information about the trip on Friday morning at the end of the National training session.

Many Thanks


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