Attending Stourbridge and/or Boldmere?

//Attending Stourbridge and/or Boldmere?

Attending Stourbridge and/or Boldmere?

We have received another call from officials from both Stourbridge Long Distance meet this weekend.  We are sending 25 Swimmers.  Please email to volunteer.


We have also received another email from Boldemere requesting officials for the weekend of 17th/18th and 19th November, we have 63 swimmers attending and up to now they have only received 3 volunteers to officiate.  They are happy to mentor trainee’s also.  Please email to volunteer.


It’s part of the entry criteria that we help to supply officials for each meet we enter, and some meets will reject the club entry if we don’t supply an adequate number of officials.  As a rule for each 10 swimmers we enter as a club to any meet we need to supply 1 Official.


Hopefully we can support these meets 



Kirst and Mandy

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