Arena League Round 3 Teams

//Arena League Round 3 Teams

Arena League Round 3 Teams

And we’re off to Round 3 of Arena League! A total of 70 swimmers from CoD have been selected to compete for the team and both the A &B look as strong as ever. Let’s get up and go, race hard and show our teams some strong support!


As noted previously, our teams have been selected on the following criteria:

1.       The selection process will be done on short course rankings AND with times produced in rounds 1 and 2 of the Arena League.

2.      The fastest swimmers will be selected to the A team, then the next fastest for the B team in individual and relay positions. Note that with this process, swimmers who represented the B team in Round 1 and Round 2 could be selected for the A team in Round 3, and vice versa. We are all one team and regardless of swimming on the A or B, every point counts for CoD!


Both teams are up against stiff competition as the B team fights for a spot in the 2018 Premier division and the A team sets their sights on qualifying for the National Final. It will be an exciting evening of racing for both teams and we wish them a massive GOOD LUCK on December 9th!


B Team – Pingles Leisure Centre, Nuneaton (6:00 Warm Up)

Maddison Ward-Lowe

Katie Heald

Millie Cadden

Samantha Millere

Aimee Boucherat

Gabriella Robinson

Julie Rucinska

Lucy Cadden

Alex Shardlow

Madeline Dawkins Smith

Abbie Hulbert

Angelina Freeman

Ellie Middleton

Abbey Turnbull

Lauren Clark

Sian Heap

Georgina Walker

Megan Thomas

Maggie Vassileva-Necula

Thomas Moore

Finlay Cordle

Ben Kadoch

Aaron Johnson

Nat Miller-Walters

Reuben Mason

Ben Atkinson

George Buckingham

Lee Bickley

Ethan Billinge

Toma Tokiwa-Smith

Guy Farnsworth

Greg Bilinksi

Isaac Von Fintel

Devin Kellett

Campbell Stephen

Jordan Butler

Jenson Hulbert

Ryan Lovatt

Jamie Brown


A Team – Perdiswell Worcester (6:00 Warm Up)

Charlotte Roome

Grace Fuller

Alicia Ward-Lowe

Bethany Johnson

Libby B.A.

Eliza Walker

Connie Vanes

Katie Spooner

Delphine Beya

Michaela Stephen

Emma Tyers

Nadia Williams

Sophie Yendell

Abi Mason

Ellie Mitchell

Givenchy Sneekes

Seb Lee

Archie Heron

Josh Saddington

Fred Buckingham

James Walker

Johnny Vassilev-Necula

Shin Kuroda

Luke Skelding

Joel Muir

Joe Bagley

Oliver Hooper

Will Foster

Aiden Sparling

Greg Butler

Shay Bradley



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