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Spain Swimcamp – Paperwork Update

Many thanks to all of those who have completed and sent the paperwork to myself.  I am missing some paperwork though.  I appreciate that some parents do not feel comfortable sending these confidential details over email, so Paul Yendell has very kindly agreed to collect paperwork on my behalf and he'll be at Loughborough on [...]

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B-Grade Medals – Thanks to Ellie Buck

Many thanks to Ellie Buck for presenting swimmers with their medals at yesterdays B-Grade competition. Ellie knows what it's like to win a medal or two in competition, but yesterday she single handily had the challenge of being on the other side of everyone's favourite table. Great job in the way she diligently checked that [...]

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B-Grade – Excellent job!

Many thanks to everyone who supported our 2018 B-Grade Meet yesterday, it was run extremely well again. I received a lot of complements from the clubs that attended regarding both our efficiency and friendliness, which is always nice to hear. The gala was down on numbers this year, but the atmosphere was great. Well done all!

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B grade

Hi all. Again a huge thank you to the volunteers who have offered to help tomorrow at the B grade. I have attached a list of jobs so you know where you will be and what job youbare doing. Please report to me at 11.15 tomorrow as I need to brief you on your jobs [...]

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Can we borrow some large step ladders?

Dear all, Unfortunately, we are still experiencing problems with the score board at Queens and need to do a test before the B-Grade on Saturday. In order to carry out the test we could with borrowing some large step ladders of height 2.5m. We already have some step ladders at 1.7m (8 tread), but it [...]

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Swimmer of the Month – June 2018

Junior Coaching Level 1 Harley  He’s trying really hard to improve his strokes and his backstroke technique is looking really good Junior Coaching Level 2 Holly Howells She’s working really hard on all strokes and has been trying so hard not to put her feet down. Junior Coaching Level 3 Noah Hawksworth Recently he’s working [...]

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