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March Madness 2 more club records go!

Swimmers from 4 squads took to March Madness in Sheffield for some long course experience with it being so soon after the County Championships swimmers were there for the experience and skills were the main focus for this gala. There was some great swimming after two long weekends of County Championships with lots of personal [...]

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Biddulph ASC – Distance meet 6th July

Biddulph ASC - Distance meet 6th July   Calling all distance swimmers, opportunity before the summer break to update your distance times.     We will only be participating in the events on Friday night and nothing else in this meet.  This is a level 3 meet for anyone interested in competing in 800m Free for [...]

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Cardiff International Meet

Cardiff International Meet 25th/26th and 27th May at Cardiff International Pool   Targeted for Midland Gold/Regional Select/National/Elite Step-Up/ Elite   Midland Squad - Must speak to Jamie prior to entry.   This is the last qualifier in the National Window.  This is a Level 1 Meet and all times are to be on rankings.  Entry [...]

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Nova Centurion LC Level 1

Nova Centurion Meet 19th and 20th May, Harvey Hadden   Targeted for the following squads: Mid Dev/ Midland/ Midland Gold/Regional Select/National/ Elite Step-up   This is a level 1 meet, so all times must be in rankings and must be achieved on or after 1st January 2017.   Please download the pack:   Please [...]

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Regional Age Group Championships

Regional Age Group Championships By Kirsty Billinge The full pack is now available for the Age group Regional (East Midlands) Championships at Corby International Pool, on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th April . Just a reminder that all times must have been achieved on or after 1st September 2017, any times achieved prior to this [...]

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Youth Regional Championships – Ponds Forge, Sheffield

Youth Regional Championships – Ponds Forge, Sheffield by Kirsty Billinge The full pack is now available for the Youth Regional (East Midlands) Championships at Ponds Forge, Sheffield, on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th April and Monday 7th May (All 50's, 800m/1500m and Relays) . Just a reminder that all times must have been achieved on [...]

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Rotherham Metro/ Stourbridge Crystal Meet

Rotherham Metro/ Stourbridge Crystal Meet   It's with great regret that as a club we have been rejected from both of the above meets.  They have both been massively oversubscribed, and both hosting clubs felt that it was neither appropriate or fair to accept some swims and not others.   Sincere apologies unfortunately this beyond [...]

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Dev 1 and mid Dev NOW 5-6pm

Due to Queen Street staff shortages we now have to train 5-6pm rather than the full two hours for Mid Dev and Dev 1. Sorry for the inconvenience but this is out of our control and we have only just had the call. Rich Pilcher  

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Today’s Training

All training as normal. At QLC Junior Coaching is back to normal times in the teaching pool: Level 1 and 2  - 4.30-5.15pm Level 3 - 5.15-6.15pm Level 4 - 6.15-7.45pm In the gala pool: Dev 1 and Mid Dev - 4.00-6.00pm Regional Select/masters/Midland - 6.00-8.00pm Loughborough Uni as normal 5.00-7.00pm Nationals and others who [...]

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