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club champs 3

Last one for now. As Queens Leisure will also be open for the public to have access to the Family and teaching pool and the Gym, we have been asked to follow H&S procedures at the facility. Entry to the pool for spectators for the first session will be down the corridor between Family and [...]

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club champs 2

As well as needing prizes for the Raffle at Club Champs, we also need lots of Cakes to sell with the tea and coffee. Whether freshly baked or shop brought it doesn't matter. The more we have the better.

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club champs

Please see attached the list of help at this years Club Champs. Could you all look to make sure you are aware of your job roles for the day please. As warm up is 10am, could you all arrive at approx 9.15am for me to go over H&S procedures and get you all in place [...]

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Lewis, Shay and Aidan give Nemo’s a surprise visit

Maria and Nemo's squad received a surprise visit this evening from Mandy and 3 of her Elite swimmers. Lewis White, Shay Bradley and Aidan Sparling, three of our most talented swimmers performing at the very top of their game stopped off at the Teaching pool this evening to say hello, share some memories of when [...]

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Arena League Round 3 Teams

And we're off to Round 3 of Arena League! A total of 70 swimmers from CoD have been selected to compete for the team and both the A &B look as strong as ever. Let's get up and go, race hard and show our teams some strong support!   As noted previously, our teams have been [...]

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Judges Course – Thank you!

Thank you again so much to the following who wish to do either their level 1 or level 2 judges course. I have spoken with the committee and we will arrange a training course in the new year as it has been a hectic end to the year.   LEVEL 1 Brett Cordle, Gemma Cordle, [...]

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Junior Coaching Level 4 – Arrangements for Sunday

4-6pm in the gala pool An hour and a half of dives and turns. 30 minutes preparation for the Colour gala. There was some amazing swimming yesterday on the I.M. set (says Alison). We will be giving out some New Years targets on skill progressions to swimmers shortly. Those on Step up will be in [...]

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Junior Coaching Level 1 and 2 Sunday arrangements

JCL1 and JCL2 will both train this Sunday 4.30-5.30pm. They will do 45 minutes in the teaching pool then take woggles and floats up to the gala pool for 15 minutes to help them become accustomed to a bigger pool ready for the Colour Gala. Charlotte Bentley and (Tom) Lead Coach Junior Coaching L1 and [...]

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