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Accepted and Rejected Entries Lincoln Vulcans

Rejected entries for the above meet: Accepted Entries for the above meet: If there are any queries please email Any rejections : We will receive the money back to club and this will be retained in the account for future meets unless you request a refund from the club.  

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I have just circulated by email a document with plans for our Norwich swim camp.  If your child is attending this camp and you have not received it, please let Julie Skelly know asap on 07850 370 638. The meeting for the swim camp will take place on Tuesday 19 September, 8.45 pm at Queens.  I need [...]

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City of Derby All Rounder Awards

The City of Derby Swimming Club encourages swimmers to develop all strokes and compete in a wide variety of distances. To reward our swimmers for their hard work we present the new All Rounder Awards!!   There are five All Rounder Awards available to the swimmers: Blue and White, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum   [...]

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X Runner Details!

The time is nearly upon us when a group of 27 City Of Derby swimmers, coaches and parents embark on a challenge - a team challenge like no other. Before you read the finer details below, please note this is NOT a race, its team building... we will be a team together, stick together and [...]

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