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British Champs Info

Please be aware that different to previous years, warm ups will be single sex, with the first half starting at 7.30 according to who ever is starting in the first event. (Information has just been given out at a coaches briefing) Phil Butler

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Colour Gala Results 2016

A new colour has Won their title for the first time!!! 1st - Pink - 198 2nd -Blue - 166 3rd - Orange - 163 4th - Red - 146 5th - Yellow - 134 6th - Green - 116   Previous team Winners: 2014 Summer - Orange 2015 Summer - Green 2015 Winter - [...]

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Colour Gala Information

Posted by richardpilcherJust a bit more info. Try to arrive at the function room for 3pm to see Talsa and Ross Davenport about the new kit (see previous blogs). Please let me know of anymore entries. I will let those swimmers know soon what team they are in. Each squad has been given a kit [...]

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New kit ordering

You will all receive your email from swimzi by the end of the day tomorrow, Wednesday 20th July. This will explain the order process and guide you where to buy. If you don't receive an email, please let me know or you will not be on the list for a free top.

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